Current Exhibit

Current Exhibit

Monica Chang

Duration of Exhibit

March 1st - March 28th




The purpose of this document is to set guidelines for what items will be considered for inclusion in the 2019 Time Capsule showcasing the 100th birthday of the City of Weslaco, Texas. A Time Capsule Committee will be selected by the Weslaco 100 Steering Committee with input from the Weslaco

Museum Director and Board of Directors. This committee will make the final selections.

Items Considered for Time Capsule 


   1. Items of Historical significance for Weslaco such as photographs, videos, 

       typed or hand-written documents

   2. Small physical items of historical significance for the time period such as 

    cell phones or items from the Weslaco 100 celebration events

   3. Small physical items of historical significance for the time period such as 

    logo items, technology and art

   4. Oral presentations from different families especially those who settled in 

    Weslaco prior to 1950

   5. Items and information about Weslaco organizations such as:

      o Public and private schools

      o Churches

      o City of Weslaco

      o County, state, and U.S. elected officials representing Weslaco

      o Governmental entities

      o Local hospitals and physician groups

      o Businesses

      o Not-for-profit organizations

      o Clubs and organizations

      o Military related organization

Since the 75th Time Capsule items were damaged due to dampness:

   1. The National Archives at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley will be 

       consulted for preservation recommendations

   2. A copy/scan of the approved items to be buried will be made and stored in    

       a marked archival box at the Weslaco Museum. Both “time capsules” are 

       not be opened for at least 25 years.

   3. The time capsule will be buried in front of the Weslaco City Hall at 255 S   

        Kansas Dr.

Do Not Submit

   1. No personal letters

   2. No forms with blank spaces for answers

   3. Items in poor condition

 Suggestions for submission

   1. Group photo of each grade at a school, a business, or organization

   2. 1 artifact/item per organization (anything not paper or electronic data)

   3. Photo of the building (if applicable)

   4. Interviews of people explaining what you/your organization does in 2019

   5. If possible, a photo of your organization when it started in Weslaco

   6. Use your imagination!

Submission Requirements

   1. Submit two (2) hard copies of photos and written documents saved on 

       two USB drives and, if possible, on two DVDs

   2. Identify names in photos for historical preservation

   3. Describe the significance of the artifact for a future someone who might 

       not know the purpose or meaning of the artifact (anything not paper or 

      electronic data)

   4. Submissions will become the property of the Weslaco Museum to preserve     

       the history of Weslaco

   5. Bring to the Weslaco Museum by 4 p.m. on February 29th, 2020.


Artists' Gallery

The Weslaco Museum proudly showcases artists whose works reflect the culture and spirit of our community.  Emerging or established, solo or collaborative, scholastic or self-initiated, the Artists’ Gallery features a new exhibit each month that conveys a sense of home.  Selfies with Frida, Tinaco by moonlight, portraits of conjunto musicians who brought their sounds from the fields to the radio – the Weslaco Museum celebrates the people and places and experiences that help to shape our community. 

Historical Exhibits

The historical side of the Weslaco Museum holds a number of permanent exhibits that cover our history from the prehistoric age of the dinosaurs through the 20th century, including: 

  • Geology & Fossils
  • Indigenous Americans and the Spanish Colonization
  • ​Immigration and Revolution
  • Agriculture and Economy
  • Education and Segregation
  • The Weslaco Style Show – costumes made from local fruits & vegetables
  • Military

Conservation & Research

The Weslaco Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and archives, many of which are on regular display.  However, we have such a large collection that we cannot possibly exhibit all of our items at once.  Artifacts - objects - are kept in our storage room, cataloged into several groups: kitchen & housewares; cameras; clothing, hats & shoes; military & civic duty; geology; as well as several others.  Archives - papers and documents - are kept in our records room.  Artifacts and archives are made available for research to those individuals who submit a formal request.

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